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Who is the homefront girl?

"Who is the Homefront Girl? She is a spouse, a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, fiancee, girlfriend or friend. She is anyone who has ever loved someone serving in our military and "shared their Hero with the world". Former military spouse Gaby Juergens started Homefront Girl® in her words, “To pay tribute to the other half of the Brave” – our military families. Gaby is a licensed artist with her Homefront Girl® Brand. Creating products and inspirational messages from her own personal experience of having a front row seat during her military life, witnessing selfless service and sacrifice; on both sides of the brave. She showcases with her artwork and writings the world of military life. With over 23+ years involvement with our military as the daughter of a Veteran and as an Army wife, through deployments, packing and unpacking her family in various part of the world, Gaby Juergens is  without a doubt  a proud Homefront Girl®.

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