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A Perfect Partnership... (Homefront Girl & Flying Colors)

Upon meeting Gaby Juergens (Homefront Girl) it didn't take long to realize
that this was a perfect partnership.  Gaby, has a passion and calling to represent
what she affectionately refers to as "...the other half of the brave".  Having
lived her whole life surrounded by the military she understands loyalty, dedication,
sacrifice, and service.  She realized her calling was to tell their story
and to represent those wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and families of our brave
servicemen and women.  She knows the culture and can speak the language. 
Phrases such as:  "Remember Everyone Deployed"  "No Rank, Just strength", "Salute the
Boots"..and "I am the other half of the Brave"  She wanted to give this
community a means for expressing those words.  She wanted to launch a line of women's

This is where Deb Nash and Flying Colors came into the picture.  Deb is
also a very passionate person.  She decided to launch her own line of women's apparel
after discovering that their was a whole women's segment not being met in the
collegiate marketplace.  Deb recognized this when her oldest daughter began attending
the University of South Carolina where she was a member of Gamecock swim team.
She wanted to wear something fun and fashionable to support her daughter but
couldn't find anything but unisex, unflattering, and uncomfortable apparel.  That's
when she decided to put her University of Maryland degree in Textiles and Apparel
to work...and Flying Colors was born.

The pair came together at Trade Show in early 2018, Gaby looking for a
manufacturer of women's apparel to build her collections and Deb looking for new market
opportunities beyond the collegiate world. What drew Gaby to Flying
Colors, was Deb's flare for creating fashion forward, body flattering, feminine, and
comfortable women's apparel.  What hooked her was Deb's insistence that her line be
manufactured in the USA!! It was fate that these two passionate women would find each
other and collaborate on the new Homefront Girl Apparel Collections.  The first
collection released is the "R.E.D. Collection" which stands for "Remember Everyone
Deployed' and which is celebrated every Friday by American service families all over
the world.  This collection is represented with 8 different silhouettes and of
course,featured in bold, red fabrics.  
It is the first of four planned collections to be created for Homefront Girl.

Mike Rellihan
Vice President of Sales

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