From Designer Gaby Juergens a whole new way to wear your pride of service!

Meet Gaby

Former military spouse, and daughter of a Veteran, Gaby Juergens created her studio after living the life for over 28+ years. The Homefront Collection by Homefront Girl® is resonating with those who share and love their hero …every day in countless ways. Inspiring, empowering messages and designs that speak to the emotions of those serving and supporting their heroes.
For Gaby, it has also become a way of paying it forward to our wounded warriors and their families and our veterans. “A debt that can never truly be repaid for the sacrifices made,” Juergens states, she adds one of her favorite quotes by Henry Drummond, “When you look back at your life, the moments that stand out, the moments when you have really lived are the moments when you have done something in the spirit of love.”
Her support to non-profits such as Homes for Our Troops, United through Reading, Final Salute, Wounded Warrior Project and most recently Operation Homefront™ continues that part of her mission. Her Homefront Girl® Teddy Bear Collection will give back with every purchase to Operation Homefront™ and their mission in assisting military families.
For 20+ years Gaby’s experience was first hand as an active volunteer throughout her family’s assignments. She is the recipient of The Dr. Mary Walker Award, Dr. Walker remains the only female recipient of the Medal of Honor. She was also awarded the Keeper of the Flame Award for her contribution in support of the Ordnance Corps, as well as the Catherine Greene award in support of Quartermaster Corps and the Outstanding Civilian Service award. The Army Outstanding Civilian Service Award Medal, the third highest honor awarded by the Department of the Army to civilians and civilian employees of the Army.
But if you ask Gaby, her greatest honor was serving as an Army Arlington Lady at the Nation’s National Cemetery representing the Army Family. “To serve at Arlington was one of the greatest and most humbling services I rendered as a military spouse. It inspired one of my most treasured designs, “Imagine a World without Heroes – Freedom is never free.”
In 2016 Gaby began a battle she was drafted in and that was Stage 3 Breast Cancer it came on the heels of devastating personal heartbreak. She chronicled her story and fight in her Chemo Journal "When the World Turns Pink" with her followers. It was a fight she gave her all to as the daughter of a soldier, she was determined to never quit. Almost two years out and still in some treatment she continues to be a voice for her fellow warriors and advocates for changes to military law of 20/20/20 that leaves career military spouses with no benefits if they are short even 19 years 364 days of that magic 20-year mark. Because of 1 day, they lose all their military benefits earned over a lifetime of service as spouses and combat multipliers. She has been to the US Senate and continues to feel that though it is too late for her it is a bad law and leaves too many Homefront Girls with no recourse after the military world collapses in a divorce.  
The Homefront Collection by Homefront Girl® created by an Artist that lived the life.
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