From Designer Gaby Juergens a whole new way to wear your pride of service!

The Homefront Girl® Signature Candle

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I dedicate this candle to all of those who share their hero with the
world. Ever stop to think what it would be like to
Say goodbye to a loved one knowing, that they are headed into possible
harm’s way? It happens every day.
Heroes, who raised their hand for our country and said, Send Me.
In homes across this nation there are those who share them and await that
Here’s a candle that burns as bright as the light of pride and devotion to
their loved ones.
I join you in praying for their safe return.

It arrives in this beautiful box with bow and the fragrance is heavenly. Sweet Pea
& Jasmine and Apple.
We call it Peppy!
Each candle is 9.oz
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